Honda Returning To Superbowl With Redesigned Model


Unfortunately it won't be as anticipated as the NSX.

The Super Bowl is almost like a national holiday in the US, when over 100 million people tune in to watch the two best football teams square off for glory. However, many people in the viewing audience could care less about who wins the game and only watch for the commercials. This year should have some goodies once again, and our CarBuzz readers might be interested to know which car advertisements they can look forward to seeing. So far, only two companies have confirmed that they will air commercials, Kia and now Honda.

This is Honda's second year in a row running a Superbowl Commercial. Last year it ran one for the new Ridgeline with a herd of sheep singing "Somebody to Love" by Queen. Honda also aired a commercial for the Acura brand's highly anticipated sports car, the NSX.


Unfortunately this year's commercial will not feature a car as unique as the Ridgeline or as anticipated as the NSX. Honda will air a commercial for the redesigned 2017 CR-V. The CR-V may not be flashy, but we understand that small SUVs are hot sellers right now. The Super Bowl is the appropriate stage to introduce America to the bold and sophisticated new Honda CR-V," Susie Rossick, assistant vice president of Honda auto marketing, told Automotive News. "With the largest audience and reach of any single television event, the Super Bowl is a platform befitting the CR-V's status as the best-selling SUV in America, and the perfect place to celebrate CR-V's 20th anniversary."

This is not the first time that Honda has shown off the CR-V during the Super Bowl. In 2012, it showed off the then-redesigned SUV with Matthew Broderick reprising his role as Ferris Bueller.


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