Honda Reveals 2014 Fit, and Mugen Makes it Look Better

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The new Honda Fit will be a hit for the automaker, but a styling kit from Mugen makes it look even better.

Honda has unveiled its new 2014 Fit subcompact and from a styling perspective, it's a nice improvement over its predecessor. The third-gen Fit is basically a completely reworked version of the previous car that's also the first Honda to feature the automaker's new styling language. Full details are still coming in, but we do know that that the hybrid version will be powered by a new four-cylinder 1.5-liter Atkinson-cycle engine that's paired up with an electric motor, lithium-ion battery and a seven-speed dual-clutch.

Honda claims this power combo will give the Fit a fuel economy rating of 86 mpg on the Japanese cycle – a 35 percent improvement over the last Fit hybrid. No word on the US numbers, but they'll be impressive nonetheless. Buyers can also opt for the Fit RS, which will have a conventional gasoline engine setup. Mugen has also revealed a new styling kit for the 2014 Fit that includes two types of front spoilers, new bumper, chin spoiler and side skirts. The kit is available for both hybrid and RS models and the latter is also being given a carbon fiber rear wing. Unfortunately, it appears that no changes have been made under the hood.

Other bits include a sport exhaust, upgraded brake pads and a new set of Mugen wheels. Both semi-bucket and full-bucket racing seats are available as well. Unfortunately, this kit likely won't be offered to US buyers and that's really a shame because the Fit has been a strong seller in the States. There are probably plenty of owners out there who'd be willing to spend even more cash to upgrade their little hatches into something more stylish.

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