Honda Reveals 3 New EV Concepts, Confirms 2 Bound For Production

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The e:NP2 and e:NS2 prototypes debuted alongside the e:N SUV Prologue concept.

Honda has revealed two new electric prototypes at Auto Shanghai 2023, giving us a glimpse at what Honda has planned for the electrified future. These models, the e:NP2 and e:NS2 were showcased alongside a concept known as the e:N SUV Prologue, the latter of which previews the next generation of Honda e:N Series models. This is not to be confused with the US-bound Honda Prologue EV.

These new EVs show that Honda is serious about transitioning to battery-powered vehicles. In fact, the company claims it will continue to enhance the new e:N lineup as it aims to sell only electric vehicles in China by 2035.

The e:NP2 and e:NS2 models share a similar profile, although both models sport distinctive front fascias. The electric pair appear to be coupe SUVs, although Honda describes the design as combining "the excellent utility of SUVs and sleek form of sedans."

Honda e:NS2 Prototype revealed at Auto Shanghai

Not many details have been shared, but the automaker claims they will deliver an enjoyable driving experience that gives the driver "a sense of oneness" with the vehicles. As for the interior, expect a modern and minimalist design with Honda Connect 4.0.

Even though they're similar, Honda says both models were designed from a respective vision. The e:NP2 (seen below) exudes a more sophisticated persona, while the e:NS2 (pictured above) is described as a more dynamic, emotional design that will excite people when they first see the vehicle. While similar, the two vehicles may be used to appeal to different demographics with a fundamentally similar product - a common idea in Asian motoring.

Honda first unveiled the electric series in 2021; the range includes the e:N2 (a sleek and futuristic sedan) and several crossovers. The company has even teased a pair of all-electric sports cars previously, although their place in the e:N lineup is unconfirmed.

Honda e:NP2 Prototype revealed at Auto Shanghai

The third model that Honda previewed in Shanghai was the e:N SUV Prologue concept (below). This model will be aimed at more upmarket clients, with a larger body and bolder exterior styling. Honda says the design incorporates "wild" elements, but it's a rather docile-looking EV that will appeal to style-conscious consumers.

This model will receive all the latest Honda driver-assist and safety features, along with AI-powered Honda Connect technology. Even though it's an electric SUV, the company promises it will deliver supreme driving performance and still feel like a Honda should. The e:N SUV is being positioned as a range-topper, it seems.

The Tokyo-based brand has not released any technical data for these new vehicles, so it's difficult to determine what sort of performance, range, and charging capabilities will be on the table. We may not hear anything for some time, but Honda has several electric vehicles on the horizon.


The Honda Prologue is set to arrive in 2024 and will be the automaker's first modern EV sold in the United States positioned just above the popular CR-V. The US Prologue was co-developed with General Motors and is underpinned by the same Ultium platform used by the upcoming Chevrolet Blazer EV and Cadillac Lyriq.

Honda believes the Prologue will be a huge success and intends to place CR-V Hybrid drivers behind the wheel of its electric alternative.

These aren't the only electric vehicles Honda is working on. The automaker has also partnered with Sony and recently unveiled its first prototype. Honda/Sony vehicles will reportedly be built in North America from 2026.

Honda may have been late to the EV party, but when it arrives, it plans to do so with a bang.


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