Honda Reveals First Electric Drag Racer

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Good luck Hellcats.

Forget about a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Honda has entered the drag racing scene and aims to make John Force look like a rookie with its Honda e-Drag racer. The Japanese carmaker has also been hard at work creating a dedicated hill-climbing racer named the K-Climb. These cars showcase the use of lightweight materials to achieve impressive performance without having to increase power outputs. Last week we reported that these two cars would be revealed at the 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon, and the good news is that Honda has stuck to its word, and we can now finally feast our eyes on these JDM oddities.

Honda Honda Honda Honda

The car that stole the show for Honda has to be the e-Drag, which is based on the Honda e electric city car. The Japanese manufacturer started by stripping a stock model of unnecessary weight. The exterior features a carbon-fiber roof, a single-piece front molding as well as lightweight fenders. The interior gets a full roll cage and Kirkey racing bucket seats. The Honda e-Drag sends its 148 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque to the wheels via 17-inch NA2 NSX-R wheels wrapped in M&H drag radials, and while the standard car can bolt to sixty in around eight seconds, you can expect this little monster to stick with its big brother the Civic Type-R which will do the same run in the mid-to-low five-second range.

Honda Honda Honda Honda

The N-One K-Climb also follows the theory that lightness creates performance. With under 70 hp, this little racer won't be setting any records, but it should prove to be a blast around the corners. Honda has added a carbon-fiber grille, hood, and bumpers to shed weight, and this little rocket is sure to hold on to any racing line thanks to a set of 15-inch wheels wrapped in sticky Yokohama Advan tires and KS Hipermax Max IV SP adjustable suspension.

To let people know that this little runabout is serious, an HKS center-exit exhaust muffler and a bolt-in roll cage also feature. Honda has always been known for it's lightweight sports cars, and it's good to see that the company still takes pride in this approach.

Honda Honda Honda Honda

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