TEASED: Honda Pilot TrailSport Looks Ready To Go Offroad

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With aggressive bumpers, a wider track, and increased ground clearance.

Honda released the first teaser image of the 2023 Honda Pilot Trailsport, which the Japanese manufacturer says will get you there and back. That's nice because that's generally what we look for in a car.

It will also be the final SUV Honda launches this year, as the teaser clearly states that the Pilot TrailSport will round out the year of the SUV. This year Honda introduced the 2023 HR-V, 2023 CR-V, and the name of its first EV SUV.

The Pilot you see below is all-new. What other reason could Honda have for disguising a car so heavily?

The teaser image doesn't reveal much, as you can see below.


Honda first submitted a trademark application for the name "TrailSport" in April 2021. In September 2021, it revealed the Passport TrailSport, so we know more or less what to expect. We zoomed in on the image Honda provided, which gave us a grand total of nothing. Zooming in only reveals a heavily disguised Pilot. Check out the image below and judge for yourself.

The Passport TrailSport has a more aggressive appearance, which is something the Pilot certainly needs. We expect the same treatment, which includes rugged bumpers, bespoke alloys, and a unique grille. As it will likely be meant for off-road excursions, all-wheel drive will probably be standard.


Since this is an all-new Pilot, we don't know what it looks like yet. We're willing to bet it will use the same design DNA as the new CR-V and HR-V. But what about the TrailSport part of its name?

The Passport TrailSport wasn't just a cosmetic exercise but a genuine attempt to make the vehicle more suited to off-road conditions. The front and rear tracks were widened by 10 mm (0.4 inches), and the ground clearance was increased to 8.2 inches. Honda also swapped the standard tires for rubber with a reinforced sidewall.

The orange exterior badges and contrast stitching will likely be carried over if Honda intends to keep offering the TrailSport as a trim option across its range.

The Pilot TrailSport won't give Jeep any nightmares, but it should be perfect for those who want something more unique than the fairly mundane standard Passport.

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