Honda Reveals How New Electric SUV Was Designed

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A new video gives some fascinating insight into the upcoming Prologue EV.

Honda is behind the competition with regards to electric vehicles, at least here in the United States. But that will soon change. The Japanese automaker will partner with General Motors to produce a new electric SUV model called the Prologue. It previously teased a design sketch of the Prologue, and has now shared a new video detailing the design process with the Los Angeles-based Honda Design team.

"Designing the first volume Honda electric vehicle gave us more freedom than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, and we can stretch our imagination, especially in styling the front-end," said Sang-Hyuk Ahn, Exterior Designer at Honda. "We envisioned Prologue with a longer wheelbase, shorter overhang, and capable tires to create sporty proportions and a stronger stance."


It's still unclear how large the Honda Prologue will be, but we expect it to be similar in overall size to the gas-powered Honda CR-V. The Prologue will ride on GM's Ultium platform, like the recently-revealed 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV and upcoming Equinox EV. Honda will apply its own unique styling with design language that Project Leader Jiro Ikeda called "Neo-Rugged."

This will be the first Honda vehicle to be designed using virtual reality visualization technology, which allows the styling teams in the US and Japan to visualize the car in different environments. "We were able to see Prologue in digital environments that truly resemble the real world," said Marco Tan, VR and CG designer at Honda Design. "By simulating and evaluating colors, materials, and even lighting in a virtual 3D environment we were able to explore possibilities that took styling to a higher level."


Honda will release 30 new EVs globally by 2030, with plans to sell around two million units by that date. In North America, sales for the GM-co-developed Prologue will begin in 2024 followed by an undisclosed number of Honda e:Architecture models in 2026. Then, in 2027, Honda will start selling "affordable EVs" that will also be co-developed with GM. Honda may not be first to market with EVs, but these upcoming products sound exciting.

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