Honda Reveals Three Adorable Concepts For Japan Mobility Show

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One looks like a smaller Honda e hatchback.

Ahead of the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, Honda revealed three charming concepts called the Sustaina-C, Pocket, and CI-MEV. Like the new Honda Motocompacto e-scooter that can fold into a briefcase you can carry into the office, these quirky designs are reminders that Honda is a mobility company, not just a maker of conventional cars.

"A variety of mobility products and services Honda creates with such power and dreams will move people physically, move people's hearts, and help many people realize their dreams so that there will be an expanse of dreams toward the future," said Honda in a statement about its global brand slogan, "The Power of Dreams - How we move you."

We already know about the Motocompacto, so let's find out more about the three new concepts unveiled in Japan.


Honda Sustaina-C Concept

Designed to help people move around despite limited resources, the Sustaina-C Concept takes the form of a small, adorable three-door hatchback. As its name suggests, this concept is all about sustainability. It's made of acrylic resin that has been recycled and reused, and that's about all Honda has shared about it. The design is a winner, though, appearing to be closely related to the Honda e revealed back in 2019, but likely even smaller than that. The multitone body includes primary panels in red, black for the front fascia and wheel arches, a white roof, and a blue section for the hood.


Honda Pocket Concept

The Pocket Concept is a minuscule motorcycle that doesn't even look adult-sized. Like the Sustaina-C, it is made of acrylic resin that has been recycled and reused. Finished in red, it has a simple seat and what appears to be a digital display ahead of the rider. It's not known what powers the Pocket, but the 0.66-horsepower permanent magnet electric motor from the Motocompacto seems like it will be strong enough for the job. It's unknown if the Pocket Concept can fold up and be carried around like the Motocompacto, even if the name suggests it can. It doesn't have the ultra-slim packaging of the Motocompacto, though.


Honda CI-MEV

Referred to as a demonstration model, the CI-MEV is a two-seat, four-wheel electric vehicle created for last-mile mobility. It has Honda's original Cooperative Intelligence (CI) and automated driving tech, and can expand the living radius for users. Honda says the CI-MEV is ideal for any situation limiting mobility, be it unavailable public transport or challenges with covering longer distances on foot. The dinky vehicle has exceptionally compact dimensions and we expect that it also has a low-powered motor considering that it won't weigh very much. Like Hyundai's wacky Ultimate Mobility Vehicle, Honda is looking into the future to expand its mobility offerings far beyond conventional cars.


In Japan, Honda also showed off innovative inventions like an avatar robot with a multi-fingered robotic hand and an in-shoe navigation system for visually impaired people. We hope Honda's next generation of EVs, headed by the upcoming Prologue, displays the same level of free thinking for the traditionally conservative brand that has brought us trusted models like the Accord, Civic, and CR-V.

The Japan Mobility Show, previously known as the Tokyo Motor Show, opens to the public on October 28 and runs until November 5.


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