Honda's Airbag Woes Are Now Causing A Change In Senior Personnel, Starting With A New CEO

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Honda is practically turning into a different company.

The Takata airbag debacle has been a nightmare for several automakers, but Honda has been pretty hard hit, and it has now been announced the company will see a massive change in leadership at its annual shareholders' meeting in June. The full extent of these changes aren't yet known, but we're told that it will involve a large percentage of the company's officers, and that it will include the replacing of Honda's CEO, Takanobu Ito.


Ito will remain a director and adviser for the company, but will be replaced as CEO by Takahiro Hachigo. Hachigo has been with Honda since 1982, although his biggest contribution that Americans will be familiar with would be heading up the development of the Odyssey. Following this, he was sent to Europe, and from there was placed in charge of Honda's China operations. Some exciting things happened on Ito's watch, so we're curious to see how the change in leadership will impact what we see in Honda dealerships in the near future.


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