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Honda's Coolest New Car Has A Lame Name

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Really, this is the best they could do?

Honda made it very clear it's all-in regarding electric vehicles. While the Japanese automaker is not about to electrify its entire lineup just yet, it's laying the groundwork for its future 'Electric Vision' strategy. And now it has just announced the name of its next EV. Drumroll, please. 'Honda-e'. Yes, that's the name. It's actually the same name used for what was presumably the final concept version, shown last March in Geneva.

That concept, an update of 2017's Urban EV concept, is a small city car with retro-ish styling inside and out. Unfortunately, it's pegged for the European market only and Honda previously told us it has no plans to bring it stateside. However, its all-electric platform, developed from the ground-up, is homologated for North America.

The prototype you see here is about 95 percent production ready. For the naming announcement, Honda also released a single teaser image of the production version, though only its rear end with the final nameplate attached. Honestly, we were hoping for something more creative because a car this cool deserves it. Honda claims it has already received over 22,000 expressions of buyer interest across Europe, and promises the Honda-e will offer its "trademark driving dynamics, aided by the sporty rear-wheel-drive platform and advanced electric powertrain."

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At the same time, Honda has also announced its next-generation Jazz, aka the Fit in North America, will be offered with a hybrid powertrain featuring the company's Multi-Mode Drive technology (i-MMD). This is the same system currently offered with the new CR-V Hybrid. Honda plans to expand its i-MMD dual-motor hybrid system over the next several years. The redesigned Jazz/Fit itself will be unveiled later this year at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

As for the new Honda-e, no precise launch date was announced, but we figure it'll debut either this September at Frankfurt 2019 or the following March at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show.