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Honda's FCV Concept Is Here To Get You Excited About The Fuel Cell-Powered Future


Assuming that actually happens.

Honda has had a hydrogen-powered car out for quite a while. In fact, the FCX first became available for lease in California all the way back in 2003. So as other manufacturers are scrambling to get their first viable examples on the road, Honda is already applying the lessons learned from more than a decade of gathering data on fuel cell cars. The result is a new generation of hydrogen car, which debuted in concept form at Detroit.

Honda tells us that a production version of this car will be hitting Japanese dealerships in March of next year, and that the US and Europe will follow. The car is certainly much more concept-y and futuristic looking than the FCX was, and even more so than the more recent offerings from other manufacturers. This could be toned down for the production version, but it also might not be, at least not much. Tesla has shown that, when it comes to alternative fuels, having a car that looks futuristic can go a long way towards selling people on the technology. We'll be curious to see how this turns out.

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