Honda's New 190-HP Mean Mower Can Go Faster Than A BMW?

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Nothing like giving a lawn mower a motorcycle engine.

We've seen this once before from Honda, but that was back in 2014. A lot can happen, technologically speaking, in five years, hence one reason for Honda's decision to build another Mean Mower. The automaker, motorcycle, and lawn mower company has just announced the return of the Mean Mower, which has a top speed goal of more than 150 mph. Just to compare, many new BMWs are electronically limited to go no faster than 155 mph.

Honda says it teamed up with Team Dynamics, its British Touring Car Championship partner, who built the first Mean Mower. It took the record for the world's fastest lawn mower five years ago at 116.575 mph. Like we said, technologically moves fast. Time for round two. What's new and improved?

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Mean Mower V2 is powered by the same 999cc four-cylinder engine from the Fireblade SP motorcycle, and produces 190 hp at 13,000 rpm – almost double the power of the original. It has a dry weight of only 152.3 pounds. Thanks to the mower's lightweight frame, engineers predict a power to weight ratio of 1,000 hp/ ton, or 2,204 pounds. Other carry overs from the Fireblade bike include the clutch, ECI, six-speed drive train and a color LCD display. There's even carbon paddles on the steering wheel. Its still naked body will be covered by the same front cowl, grass box and body panels as the standard Honda F 1511 lawn tractor. Engineers also predict a 90 mph speed in first gear.

And in case you're wondering, the Mean Mower is still an actual working lawn mower, blade and all. If you want it to cut your grass, it can. Stopping power comes from four-piston vented calipers up front and six at the rear. A set of special order racing tires provide some needed grip. At the wheel for the record attempt will be 23-year-old Jess Hawkins, an experienced kart and car racer who also happens to be a stunt driver in the Fast & Furious Live Show tour. No date has been announced for when the top speed run will take place, but we expect it'll happen quite soon.


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