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Honda's New EV Could Be A Real World-Beater

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First technical details of the forthcoming Honda E arrive on scene.

Honda is no stranger to electrification, but it hasn't been a leader in the field. Instead it's essentially been chasing after arch-rival Toyota with hybrid versions of its conventional vehicles, dedicated hybrids, and fuel-cell vehicles – but it's taking a step beyond with the development of the forthcoming Honda E. And now it's released a slew of details about what we can expect from the retro-futuristic electric vehicle.

Following slick concepts like the Urban EV, Sports EV, and latest Honda E prototype (pictured), the purpose-built electric vehicle is being developed on a dedicated platform.

Engineered from the ground up for battery power (instead of adapted to the purpose after the fact), the new architecture will integrate a 35.5-kWh water-cooled lithium-ion battery pack placed down low within the wheelbase for ideal balance. The electric motor will drive the rear wheels, riding on an independent suspension made (in part) out of forged aluminum with the wheels pushed out to the extremities for agility.

Honda says the vehicle will be able to travel over 125 miles on a charge, and be able to quick-charge (through a port in the middle of the front hood) to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes.

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Other variants are expected to follow the initial hatchback. But the big question is which, if any, Honda will offer in North America. The Honda E is reportedly being designed with the European market in mind, and though the platform is being developed to US standards, we're told not to look for this debut model in American showrooms. As it is, the Japanese automaker says it's received over 30,000 early "expressions of interest" across Europe, nearly a third of which are coming from the UK. Here's hoping whatever we get Stateside will prove as compelling an option on the growing EV market.