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Honda's New Infotainment System Will Let You Watch Movies

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And a whole lot more besides.

Modern car infotainment systems can do a lot more than just provide directions and make phone calls. Automakers are striving to introduce more connected features rivaling what is found in a smartphone. At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Honda is showing off a new, prototype infotainment system called Honda Dream Drive, described as the first fully integrated passenger and driver infotainment system in a vehicle. Although the system remains a prototype, it is now being demoed at CES in the dashboard of a 2019 Passport.

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The concept was first shown at CES 2017 and is designed to provide different services and experiences for the driver and passengers. Drivers will have access to an expanded version of Honda's in-vehicle payment technology, which enables drivers to pay for goods and services such as fuel, movie tickets, parking, and make restaurant reservations or order food for pickup or delivery. GM offers a similar feature in its vehicles, though this Honda system sounds more extensive.

Passengers will have access to a different range of features. These include mixed reality games, movies, music, original comics stories, travel applications, points of interest along the route, and radio and cabin features - all of which will be available via their mobile devices.

Honda has already partnered up with companies to facilitate content for the system, including Atom Tickets, Chevron, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, GrubHub, Glympse, iHeartRadio, IPS Group, Arrive, Parkopedia, Phillips 66, Yelp, and USAA. Additional partners on the passenger infotainment side include AAA, DC, Entercom/Radio.com, the Lego Group, Silvergate Media and the Octonauts team, and Univision Music. All of these features will include secure payment via Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

Dream Drive will also offer a points-based rewards system for purchasing services, watching and listening to media, and playing games. Honda didn't mention when we can expect Dream Drive to arrive in a production car but we are certainly excited to experience it.