Honda's Price For The Hydrogen-Powered Clarity Is Darn Reasonable


But do you live in California?

The Clarity is a very unique new model from Honda. Unlike a Toyota Prius, the Clarity doesn't use any gasoline. Instead, it has a hydrogen fuel cell, so all you have to do is fill it up with hydrogen and it generates electricity. The only emission? Water vapor. This type of technology is still very new and complex and, therefore, has a high cost associated. That's why we were surprised to see Honda reveal its affordable lease prices for the new Clarity. You can now lease a 2017 Clarity for $369 a month for 36 months (plus tax), which we think is very reasonably.

The lease requires an up-front cost of $2,499 plus the first month's payment at signing. Unfortunately, the Clarity will only be on sale in California where smog regulations are extremely important. Not only does the lease include 20,000 miles per year, Honda will also give you $15,000 worth of hydrogen over the course of your three year lease. The Clarity is a lot like an electric car to drive, but because you can fill it up with hydrogen, you will always have range as long as you have hydrogen in the tank. The Clarity can go 366 miles on a tank of hydrogen with a fuel economy rating of 68 MPGe. This makes it the longest range zero-emission vehicle on sale today. Sorry Tesla, but Honda has you beat here.

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One of the issues with hydrogen, however, is that it's still quite expensive to buy and filling stations are far less common than regular gas stations. Honda is hoping that giving you $15k worth of hydrogen built into the lease will help get more people trying out this alternative fuel source.