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Honda's Radical S660 Concept Ahead of Tokyo

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Kei concept looks to be a precursor to a Beat revival.

Set to debut at next month's Tokyo Motor Show, the Honda S660 Concept previews the carmaker's mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive roadster that will likely be billed as the spiritual successor to the original S600 of the Sixties. Resembling the 2011 EV-Ster concept, the S660 Concept swaps the electric powertrain for a 660 cc turbocharged three-pot rated at 64 hp and is aimed at Japan's Kei car market. By the time it reaches the Japanese market in 2015, the S660 Concept will gain a fully retractable roof, remaining largely unchanged otherwise.

In Europe, Honda is considering more powerful engines. A 1.0-liter turbo with over 100 hp is being rumored, which should be ample for a 900 kg roadster. Reports also suggest the concept could emerge as the revised Honda Beat, a car the manufacturer recently confirmed would be reinvented for the modern age. The S660 is believed to be the smallest of a new three-car lineup, with the new Honda NSX at the top and a Toyota GT86 rival sitting in the middle.

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