Honda’s Remaining Concept Cars for Tokyo Revealed


Two concepts complete the trio of eye-catching cars to be laid bare by Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show.

City cars of the future will play a dominant role at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, and following previews of Nissan, Suzuki, and earlier today Honda's Small Sports EV Concept, we can bring you pictures and limited information about their two other car concepts, namely the AC-X Concept and Micro Commuter Concept. In regards to the latter, the diminutive commuter vehicle was developed in collaboration with Honda's motorcycle division, and has been described as an electric city commuter.

In the future it's envisioned that it will become a highly accessible form of mobility for an increasing number of people. Dual joystick controllers allow either of the two occupants to maneuver the vehicle that's powered by two electric motors and that can house Honda's Motor Compo two-wheel concept electric bike. It also features a customizable exterior and external display via which communication with the outside world is possible. The AC-X Concept is a next-generation plug-in vehicle that Honda says offers 'comfortable and enjoyable driving in urban and long-distance motoring,' with two modes available for a more relaxed or more spirited driving experience.

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The 'engine' mode engages the installed internal combustion engine and electric drive system resulting in maximum performance; and the 'automatic' mode utilizes both depending on the load. A 1.6-liter gasoline engine is paired with an electric motor on the plug-in hybrid drivetrain, and with a full tank and a single complete charge, more than 620 miles should be possible at a staggering 100mpg.