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Honda S2000 Gets Extreme 500-HP Makeover

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If you're a purist then this one is not for you.

The Honda S2000 has one of the all-time great naturally aspirated engines ever fitted to a road car. Producing up to 240 horsepower from just 2.0 liters (2.2 liters from 2006-on), it could rev to 9,000 rpm producing a feral scream as it blasted through each gear.

As with all N/A V-Tec motors the one thing it lacked was torque. With at most 163 lb-ft on offer, you need to visit that stratospheric rev limit regularly to extract the best performance out of an S2000. The Hoonigan YouTube channel recently interviewed a tuner who decided to rectify that issue. That tuner is Jason Shmuck, and he started by fitting a 3.2-liter V6 Acura TL motor to his S2000 and then bolted on a couple of turbos for good measure.

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In a world of turbocharged performance cars, some may see it as a shame that the S2000 has lost its most defining feature, nevertheless, it now produces around 497 hp on low boost and any low-down torque issues are a thing of the past.

The attention to detail both inside and out is also superb, Jason has modified the hood to reveal the two turbos and had the car resprayed in Protonic Blue, a BMW i8 color. The trunk lid is made of carbon fiber with a subtle blue tint, and that along with the wide alloys give the car a very purposeful look.

The interior now has a custom dashboard setup, racing driver's seat (a passenger seat will be fitted soon) and a race-spec roll cage as Jason intends to put it on the track next year, it is a promotional vehicle for his business after all. The biggest surprise though is when he opens up the hood. Instead of the usual mess of cables and tubing you would expect to see with such an engine swap, the setup looks better than a factory build.

The two Garrett turbos are mounted symmetrically on either side of the engine and aside from the bolt on transmission kit, every component had to be fabricated by Jason and his team. Love it or hate it, this S2000 build has had a crazy amount of effort put into it and while it may not scream like the original, it offers a massive leap in performance.