Honda S2000 Successor to Rival Scion FR-S?

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A recent report on Honda's future lineup hints at a new roadster.

The S2000 was Honda's last proper sports car. It was discontinued in 2009, but it appears that due to the phenomenal early success of the Toyota GT-86 / Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S, Honda is considering bringing back the S2000 to challenge for the same territory. Automotive News claims that product planners at American Honda are lobbying for a sports car that could compete with their Japanese rivals, although the car isn't being seen as a priority back in Japan.

The S2000 was built on the same production line as the NSX and was considerably more expensive than the FR-S (and its alternatively badged brothers), so if Honda's American division manages to convince the bean-counters back in Japan to build a new sportscar, it would have to be considerably less expensive. It would also have some mean competition on its hands: Aside from the Toyota/Subaru joint-venture sportscar, Mazda is developing a new MX-5, Alfa Romeo is getting its own version and Nissan is said to be rethinking its next Z car to target the same segment. Whatever the future of that project, however, Honda has more in the pipeline.

Just 18 months after launching the new Civic, Honda is preparing to give it a major refresh due to poor feedback on the car's interior. The new Earth Dreams engines are also reportedly being integrated into both the Civic and the redesigned Accord, expected this fall. Following the redesigned CR-V, Honda is also reportedly planning a new Pilot and Ridgeline for 2014, and a Fit Crossover in 2015.

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