Honda Scrapping Over a Thousand Cars Ruined in Thai Floods

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Row upon row of Honda subcompacts are to be thoroughly scrapped as Honda begins post-flood clear up in Thailand.

Hundreds died and billions of dollars' worth of damage was caused in Thailand's worst flood in 50 years, and amongst the thousands of businesses affected by the natural disaster, Honda was hit pretty hard. As part of the automaker's recovery efforts in Thailand where its Ayutthaya factory churns out Brio and City compacts for the domestic market as well as the Jazz (better known as the Fit in the US), Honda has begun scrapping 1,055 cars damaged in the flooding.

Scrapping over salvaging has been chosen to eliminate the chance of damaged cars being refurbished and sold on to an unwitting public. "While we were able to relocate many new cars that were awaiting shipment to a safe area, 1,055 vehicles that remained in the plant were finally damaged by the flood," said Pitak Pruittisarikorn, executive vice president of Honda Automobile Thailand. "We will not sell any of the damaged cars to customers, or sell or reuse any of the parts." Due to extensive damage caused by the tragic event, Honda estimates six months' production will also be lost.

As the photos show, the cars are being thoroughly disassembled and scrapped, with certain parts, such as those made from aluminum, copper and plastic, to be recycled, and others such as steel components to be melted down. By the end of the process, no remnant of a car will be left.

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