Honda Shows Dark Side of Civic Type R in Brilliant New Film

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One video. Two stories.

In case you were in any doubt that the Type R will represent the dark side of the Civic, Honda has created this awesome new film that showcases the car's split personality. Hit play on the full length interactive video (linked via the trailer below), and you'll watch the stock Civic being driven by a doting father, who chauffeurs his kids home from school. It's all sweetness and light. However, hold down the keyboard's 'R' key at any moment and you get an alternative video of the Type R, which is being used as a getaway car for a robbery.

The sweet sound of the rasping 280-hp 2.0-liter turb-four complements the Type R's aggressive body kit beautifully. Check it out in the trailer and be sure to head to the innovative video via the link.

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