Honda Teases HR-V Ahead Of Imminent Reveal

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The minimalist taillight hints at the design direction Honda is heading.

Ahead of its April 4 reveal, Honda USA has teased its upcoming HR-V, showing an up-close image of the crossover's taillight. The minimalist design previews the direction Honda is heading in, with a tasteful, backlit LED shining through the darkened rear cluster. Furthermore, this teaser serves as confirmation that the US-spec model will receive unique styling, as seen in the pictures below.

This is a far cry from its conservative predecessor, with a clear move towards a more upmarket design. The front end sports the biggest differences, with a wide, open-mouthed grille not unlike the one seen on the Ford Escape. As opposed to the European HR-V, which boasts a centrally-fixed Honda logo, the badge is sited just above the grille for models heading stateside.

Honda Honda Honda

In the sketch seen above, the HR-V looks far more muscular and aggressive than the Euro-spec equivalent. While something is appealing about the clean, fuss-free design of the Honda seen below, we're guessing American consumers will appreciate the more rugged, wider stance of the US-bound HR-V. Interestingly, the model heading stateside differs in design from a Honda CR-V patent CarBuzz previously reported on.

We're sure fans of the brand will appreciate the attempt to enliven the latest model as, while competent, the previous model wasn't the last word in flair or excitement. Currently, Honda has remained tight-lipped about the upcoming crossover's technical specifications, but we can't imagine the company straying too far from what it knows. A hybrid will, likely, join the range.

Honda 2023 Honda HR-V Front View Honda 2023 Honda HR-V Rear View Honda 2023 Honda HR-V Side View Honda
2023 Honda HR-V Front View
2023 Honda HR-V Rear View
2023 Honda HR-V Side View

European customers are privy to the rather e:HEV powertrain, which utilizes dual electric motors paired with a conventional i-VTEC gas engine. The HR-V forms part of Honda's self-proclaimed "Year of the Crossover," which could suggest a slew of SUVs could be heading our way. It would make sense - after all, the sedan is a dying breed, although the Accord continues to impress with its astonishing sales figures.

Judging from the European model's admirable showing in the infamous moose test, we have reason to believe the HR-V will be a rather agile and, perhaps, fun crossover to drive. Despite it nearing the end of its life, the previous generation model helped Honda achieve remarkable sales figures in 2021, surpassing its annual sales records. This is a good sign for Honda. Improved dynamism, gorgeous looks and an updated interior will cement the brand's reputation as a builder of stellar compact SUVs.

Honda Honda 2023 Honda HR-V Steering Wheel Honda 2023 Honda HR-V Dashboard Honda 2023 Honda HR-V Rear Passenger Seats Honda
2023 Honda HR-V Steering Wheel
2023 Honda HR-V Dashboard
2023 Honda HR-V Rear Passenger Seats

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