Honda Teases New Civic Hatch

2011 Frankfurt Auto Show / Comments

Honda teases its upcoming Civic hatchback ahead of Frankfurt.

Honda has just released this first official of the upcoming Civic hatchback, which will make its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show. While exact styling details remain unknown for now, this image does show that Honda has given their new hatch some necessary and appreciated rear styling. However, like the outgoing Civic hatch, Honda has no plans to sell it in North America where the coupe and sedan will remain the only options.

Based on rumors and other spy photos, Honda has likely given the Civic hatch some smoother, more aerodynamic styling, as opposed to the semi-angular look of the coupe and sedan. In fact, Honda used the expertise of its ex-Formula-One engineers when shaping the car. The new Honda Civic Hatchback will be fully unveiled with complete details in just a couple of weeks at Frankfurt.

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