Honda Teases New Civic Type R Ahead Of July 20 Reveal

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The all-new hot-hatch will be revealed in full next week.

We finally have some real, concrete info on the new Honda Civic Type R. Here it is, fresh from Honda itself. "The most powerful Honda-branded production vehicle ever offered in the US - the all-new 2023 Honda Civic Type R will make its world premiere on July 20 at 7:00 p.m. PT. Launching in the US this fall, watch the camo finally come off."

The news was accompanied by our first look at the car without the now familiar red livery, on top of the quick video teaser you see below. Unfortunately, the image is just a rendering, but we tried to "de-teaser" it as best we could.

Honda Honda Honda Honda

Frankly, it doesn't do much. The image doesn't become much clearer because there's nothing there to clear up. It's just pixels, not a photo of a car. Regardless, we can see some little design touches. Like the Civic Si, there will be subtle Type R badging present on the front (and probably rear) of the car, accompanied by a revised face. That'll include larger intakes on the lower half of the car.

Now, this is somewhat speculative, but we think the Type R is sporting a wider track and fenders than the stock Civic. The proportions of the car simply appear to be wider than the base Civic. It'd certainly explain why this car is faster than the old one.

Honda Honda Honda Honda

Honda's teaser video also gave us a quick look at the Type R's seats. Again, boosting the lighting doesn't do much to make things clearer. Still, the seats look promising. We've spied the car's interior before, red seats and all. Those were a known factor thanks to those spy shots for some time, but it's nice to know that trend will continue.

For now, that's really all we've got before Honda will fully debut the new Civic Type R soon, and we're expecting it to be much like the Si. It'll bring a host of small changes that add up to a much more improved and refined package, complete with a manual transmission, that we're sure to fawn over. Let's just hope the rumors about the car being hyper-exclusive are just that.

Front Angle View Honda Honda Honda Rear Angle View Honda
Front Angle View
Rear Angle View

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