Honda Unexpectedly Announces Three New Cars

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You've got to celebrate somehow right?

Just a week ago, we'd have said Honda had a long way to go on electrification if anyone asked. It's now a different story. Today, Honda announced that it had hit its mark by making the latest Honda Civic Hatchback the final model in its fully electrified European range by the end of this year. Evidently, they were pretty early to that goal. It's only March, after all.

Much more importantly, however, is the fact that three new Honda-branded EVs will be hitting the European market by 2023. First, there'll be an as-yet-unannounced SUV based on the e:Ny1 prototype you see below, a brand new hybrid SUV, and finally, a new Honda CR-V.

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For now let's focus on the e:Ny1 prototype. It'll fit into the range above other electrified models like that new electrified Civic we mentioned above. It's been a while since we've seen the e:Ny1 concept, which was last shown in Beijing two years ago. Back then, it looked much more like a concept car than the rendering you see. The roofline was more BMW X6 than full-size SUV, and it also sported a more unconventional 3-door design.

However, we can see that Honda decided to try and hang onto a little of that, with the rear door handles now hidden in the surrounding c-pillar trim. Unfortunately, the rest of the details on the e:Ny1 are pretty slim. We know it's electric, and we know it's an SUV. Anything else will have to wait.

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Information is similarly slim on those other two new Honda models. The new Honda CR-V will make its European debut with full hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, a first for the European market. As for the unnamed hybrid SUV, well, we know even less about that. We do know it's based on the Honda HR-V we'll be getting Stateside, which means Europeans can expect it to be based roughly on the Vezel. For any further info, we're all just going to have to sit tight.

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