Honda Will Take Advantage Of The Sedan Void Left By Other OEMs

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Its dealers say they still have plenty of demand for three-box vehicles.

Honda may be reorganizing its departments in an effort to catch up with rivals who have a headstart on electric vehicles, but it will not copy many of those rivals by discarding the sedan body style.

Speaking to Automotive News, assistant VP of Honda sales Lance Woelfer said the Japanese automaker's dealers have "asked us to make sure that we continue to focus on those sedan segments, the Accord as well as the Civic." And it appears that Honda will grant their wish: "I think while our competitors may have gone in a different direction, it creates more opportunity for us to meet that demand," he said.

2022-2023 Honda Civic Sedan Lateral View Honda

Over the past decade, in particular, crossovers and SUVs have soared in popularity, while station wagon and sedan numbers have dwindled. As a result, cars like the Volkswagen Passat and Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan have been killed off. Mercedes-Benz design boss Gorden Wagener said last year that he thinks EVs are killing sedans, but a lot of people just prefer a higher vantage point when driving.

Looking at the lineups of most automakers these days, you'll often find multiple crossovers and SUVs for every sedan, assuming your chosen automaker still makes something with a three-box shape.

But trends change, as do people's needs, and Honda is just one automaker that will continue to offer a wide variety of vehicle types, which we think is prudent.

Rear Angle View Honda
Front Angle View Honda

There are many benefits inherent to a sedan, something that BMW has taken keen note of. Besides, not everyone wants to drive an SUV, and carmakers that continue to offer alternatives will benefit as their rivals double down on crossovers. Volvo is even looking to bring the station wagon back.

We've recently discussed how interest in EVs may be waning; could interest in SUVs be faltering too? With their poorer aerodynamic efficiency, increased weight (contributing to higher maintenance costs), and unique blind spots, SUVs are not always the ideal one-car garage fillers they appear to be.

We're calling it now: sedans will make a comeback to be more popular in the next decade than they were in the last. Feel free to call us out in 2033 if this prediction ages badly.

2022-2023 Honda Civic Sedan Rear-Facing View Honda
2022-2023 Honda Civic Sedan Driving Front Angle Honda
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2022-2023 Honda Civic Sedan Driving Front Angle
2022-2023 Honda Civic Sedan Rear-Facing View
Rear Angle View
Front Angle View
2022-2023 Honda Civic Sedan Lateral View

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