Honda Won't Be Bringing This Little Beauty To The US

Is the automaker making a grave mistake?

When we first saw the Honda S660 at the 2013 Tokyo AutoShow, we fell in love with the tiny two-seater. Sure it’s minuscule, only hasroom for two and isn’t that powerful, but we thought it could’ve done exceptionallywell in the US. Yet, according to Executive Vice President of American Honda JohnMendel, there are no plans to bring the 660 to the US. “I wouldn’t put my chipson that,” Mendel told Automotive News when pressed about the two-seater’s fate inthe US.

There were reports indicating that Honda was consideringbringing the vehicle to the US, but the automaker now believes the vehicleis too small since it’s a staggering two feet shorter than the new Mazda MX-5. “Whenthe practicalities of the market come in, and the car is only so big, that mightnot be the best car for the US market,” stated Mendel. “It might be better forIndia or China or somewhere else.” With Honda on the verge of introducing theCivic Type R to the North American market, we we’re hoping to see some new sportyeditions to the automaker’s lineup. Do you think the miniature S660 would’vedone well in the US?

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