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Honda Wraps NSX And Civic Type R In Gold

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Honda even wrapped a lawnmower in gold as part of its new anniversary collection.

Special edition models with exclusive paint jobs are nothing new, but Honda's new special edition NSX and Type R stand out more than most. That's because they are both wrapped in striking gold foil with contrasting black accents to celebrate Honda's 50th anniversary in Australia.

Honda Australia joined forces with Melbourne-based specialists Vinyl Wraps and Graphics to design and produce the commemorative wrap. A gold chrome film was laminated with a clear satin film to help disperse reflections, resulting in a "unique and refined finish that changes tone with the prevailing light source."

It isn't just Honda cars that are getting the golden treatment either, as the CBR100RR Fireblade superbike, CRF450L enduro motorcycle and CRF50F Kids fun bike also form part of the collection. Honda even wrapped an HRU19 Buffalo Premium lawnmower, which is designed and assembled in Australia, and EU22i generator in gold to celebrate 50 years in Australia.

"Given the thickness of the vinyl wrap and the intricate profiles of the bodywork, this was a complex project across a diverse range of products, but we are thrilled with the results," said Matt Czerny, Managing Director of Vinyl Wraps and Graphics. "We worked closely with the Honda Australia team on the design, with the gold theme highlighted with some satin black accents, such as on the badging and wheels of the NSX. And it's not every day you get to work on a golden generator, everyone who's seen it wants one."

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"We thought about how we could celebrate our birthday, and our unique diversity in a bold and fun way. I mean, who has ever seen a golden mower or generator before?", said the brand's Australia Managing Director and CEO, Hiroyuki Shimizu. "To Honda, performance means more than speed – each product is designed to perform at a level that exceeds the expectations of the customer. We're looking forward to showcasing these amazing golden products around the country throughout 2019, so stay tuned for more information on that front."

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to buy the gold-wrapped NSX or Civic Type R, we're afraid you're out of luck. Not only are they exclusive to the Australian market, but they aren't on sale to the general public. Instead, they will be used for celebratory and promotional purposes. That said, it seems like a wasted opportunity if Honda doesn't produce some commemorative limited edition models available to buy.