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HondaJet Elite Is The Fastest, Most Expensive Thing Honda Makes

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The upgraded aircraft can fly for 1,437 nautical miles.

Honda makes cars. Honda makes trucks. It also makes motorcycles, ATVs, and a whole lot of other motorized products, from lawn mowers to robots. And it also makes jets. One jet, really, but it's just rolled out a new version. Called the HondaJet Elite, the latest from the Honda Aircraft Company was just revealed at the 2018 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva. And it promises to be even better than the existing model.

For starters, the new Elite model can travel 17% farther. That's nearly 400 kilometers (or 250 miles) of added range, or about the distance from Dallas to Houston or Chicago to Detroit. And that's on top of its existing range, which was already the best in its class. It'll fly 1,437 nautical miles before it needs to land. The HondaJet Elite is also quieter inside and out, thanks to new inlets on the wing-mounted jet engines. There's new electronic safety and pilot-assistance systems, too, including Performance Management, Takeoff-Landing Distance Management, Stability and Protection with Roll and AoA Functions, and AFCS Coupled Go-Around with Underspeed Protection.

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Inside customers will find new two-tone leather seats, a new galley, and Bongiovi audio system. And there are new exterior color choices, too, including Ice Blue, Ruby Red, and Monarch Orange. All of which make the HondaJet that much more enticing... for those who can afford one. Starting at around $4.5 million, it's easily the most expensive thing that Honda makes. Heck, you could buy thirty NSXs with that money. But then Acura's hybrid supercar, fast as it is, can't hit 485 miles per hour like the HondaJet can.