Honda's Adorable EV Gets Wide Bodykit And Red Bull Livery

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The limited-run kit pays homage to Max Verstappen's F1 success.

Honda's retro-styled electric city car, the e, is one of many cars we're sure American consumers would love to own but can't. With great looks, a funky interior, and electric efficiency, it's a great choice for eco-conscious city commuters looking for a bit of style.

It's styled well from the factory, but this hasn't stopped Innovative Composites from improving the little electric car. The company has set out to create a wide body kit that pays homage to Honda Racing F1, Max Verstappen, and Red Bull Racing for their success in the 2021 F1 World Championship. The custom additions make the Honda e look like a mini racer.

Innovate Composites Innovate Composites Innovate Composites Innovate Composites

Flared fenders give the electric Honda a meaner stance and also allow ample space for the large wheels. At the front, the redesigned bumper now features an opening, the item replete with canards at either end. Round back, a diffuser sits underneath the rear bumper, with a rally-inspired spoiler perched atop the roof.

The photos clearly depict a work in progress, as the car still requires painting and final touches. However, a fan of Innovative Composites has taken the time to render a Red Bull-liveried version and it looks incredible. Sharing the same dark blue paintwork as the F1 car, the brand's yellow-and-red signature colors are seen on the side of the Honda, along with the energy drink company's logo.

Innovate Composites Innovate Composites Innovate Composites Innovate Composites

For now, Innovative Composites plans on producing the bespoke body kit in limited quantities. While Honda has no plans to sell the compact e stateside, it currently offers no electric vehicles in the United States. However, the Japanese brand has plans to team up with General Motors to develop a platform that will underpin an array of electric cars. For now, Honda offers vehicles such as the Insight, Accord Hybrid, and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid - all good cars, but admittedly, lacking the charm of the characterful e.

In the UK, Honda sells the retro city car from £34,365 (around $46,000) before incentives, which is quite pricy for a compact car with a range of up to 137 miles. Even so, we'd love to see it make an appearance over here (even in limited numbers), especially wearing the wide body kit and Red Bull Racing livery.

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