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"Honey, Why is There a Supercar Parked in the Driveway?"

Audi launches On Demand factory rentals in SF.

Whenit comes to rentals, most of us have come to expect no more thanaverage from our ride-for-the-week. But with companies now offering luxury and sports cars in their fleets, some automakers want in on a piece of the action. Now, Audi has launched its ownservice in San Francisco, Audi On Demand, a cross between a paid test drive anda luxury rental service. With everything “from the A4 sedan to the Audi R8supercar” available, some people are definitely going tohave fun (at $1,285/day).

That price applies to an Audi R8 V10 Spyder, but those with lesser needscould ride off in an A5 sedan for $200 per day. The On Demand serviceis managed through an app, and the company also provides concierge homedeliveries, allowing you to unlock the car with your smartphone and hit the road.Rentals are available for up to 28 days, with heavy mile-per-day limits onhigher-end models. The service is currently available on iPhone only andlimited to drivers over 25. But if you live in SF, thiscould be an awesome way to spend a weekend or show up at your next reunion. However, you may want to warn your wife before she finds an R8 parkedin the driveway.

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