Hookah Bootlegger Smuggles Tobacco in a Porsche Cayenne

Over $8,000 worth of hookah tobacco was confiscated after a failed smuggling attempt.

If you’re going to attempt smuggling illegal goods, at least be smart and creative enough to get away with it. A 29-year-old Israeli was recently caught attempting to smuggle 130 pounds of tobacco specifically for hookah smoking across the Jordan River from Jordan to Israel. For those who don't know, a hookah is also known as a water pipe. When he came to the border crossing, inspectors immediately smelled the tobacco and ordered him to pull over.

The driver tried to confuse the customs officials by placing a pack of tobacco on the front seat of the car in the hopes of them believing that’s all there was. They wisely decided to inspect the rest of the car anyway and low and behold, they found plenty more tobacco placed in plastics bags hidden throughout. They were placed under the rear seat cushions, in the engine compartment and underneath the SUV. All told, Israeli customs officials placed the value of the tobacco at over $8,000 USD. Looks like someone likes their Nargila quite a bit. Hat tip to Adam.

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