Hoonigan Videos Detail The IndyTruck's Final Steps To SEMA 2022

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The team's most ambitious build yet was also one of its most challenging.

Hoonigan's latest series, centered around its incredible Honda Ridgeline IndyTruck project, has concluded. The two latest video installments give us an in-depth look into the final stages of the build.

We've covered every aspect of this project, from the early stages to the fitment of the IndyCar-sourced V6. Now we get to see the truck driving and heading to SEMA 2022, where it stunned the crowds earlier this year. To ensure the IndyTruck can tackle the bends, Moton shocks and Eibach springs are fitted.

The Ridgeline's front end finally comes together as the team assembles the fascia, attaching the bonnet, lights, and front bumper. With SEMA 2022 closing in, there are still a lot of little jobs that needed to be completed, and the Hoonigan crew worked tirelessly into the night to get the IndyTruck closer to completion.

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One of the final additions to the Ridgeline comes in the form of custom Rotiform wheels. It's an exciting wheel combo, explains Suppy Wejpanich. "At the front, we're using a stock NSX 5x120 with the lug. But as soon as you go to the back, it's a single lug."

With the wheels and tires finally attached, the Ridgeline is ready for its maiden voyage (albeit a brief one). The IndyCar V6 fires up with an almighty bellow and drives up and down the lot. It's clearly an emotional moment for the team, which collectively claps and cheers at the sight of it moving under its own steam.

"I can't wait until this becomes a Hot Wheels [toy]," quips Wejpanich. "It's going to be so good."

But there's still a lot of work to be done before it's worthy of being displayed at SEMA.

Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube

The rear spoiler is clearly a concern for Wejpanich, who notes how difficult it is to assemble. While he gets to grips with that critical component, Angelo gets his hands dirty, creating a rear diffuser mount. SEMA is all about attention to detail, so the final video centers around the team finishing the various trim bits.

With the spoiler out of the way, the wrap can finally be applied to the roof, side skirts, and several other components. It's time to put the IndyTruck on the scale for the first time. Tipping the scales at 2,701 pounds, it's heavier than the team expected, but it's considerably lighter than the stock Ridgeline, which weighs in at 4,510 lbs.

Hoonigan has built some pretty incredible things over the years, but the team wholeheartedly agrees that this is their best work yet.

Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube

All that's left for the crew to do is drive the IndyTruck into the Pennzoil booth and cause a stir.

With Grimm behind the wheel, the one-of-a-kind Honda Ridgeline turns heads and quickly draws in a crowd of curious passers-by. "It drove amazing. We stalled once, and that's only because we drove over the chock. Other than that, it's easy to drive. You get it going on the clutch, and you let it roll. When you get too slow, you go on the clutch again, and you let it roll."

The unveiling only happens much later, with a simple black sheet covering the Ridgeline and arousing the curiosity of showgoers. Finally, the proverbial lid is lifted, and the public sees the vehicle for the first time. It's been quite a journey, and Hoonigan should be proud of its achievement.

This isn't the end, though: there are plans to take it racing, and we cannot wait to see that happen.

Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube

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