Hoonigan Who Tore Up San Diego In A Beetle Buggy Hit With 26 Charges


When chill bros doing chill things backfires.

Remember that viral video of a Volkswagen Beetle buggy tearing up the streets of San Diego? The "Urban Assault" video came out a month or two ago and immediately became a hit, racking up a ton of views while also drawing the attention of the San Diego Police Department. At first the police said they needed to actually see the stunts performed by Blake Wilkey, the driver in the video, to issue a citation. Well apparently the video footage was proof enough because Wilkey has just been hit with 26 misdemeanor charges.

The charges and counts are: conspire to commit a crime (nine counts), reckless driving (eight counts), engage in motor vehicle exhibition of speed (eight counts) and one final count of reckless driving. We know all of this because Wilkey posted a photo of his sheet to Instagram. That's a crap ton of charges to answer to, but in typical Southern Californian fashion he's taking it all in stride, at least according to the caption that accompanied the Instagram photo. "Do fun, wild, crazy things my friends just don't let them be illegal or if they are don't post them on the Internet! If they make the news you know you're in some shit! I'm not stressing it though, just a small BUMP in the road."

That's only an excerpt; you can read the entire caption below. Wilkey says he'll be in court come March 14th at 8:00 A.M. so hopefully we'll know what the consequences for the "Urban Assault" video are by then. For now just go ahead and give that clip one more watch.

Source Credits: jalopnik.com

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