Hoonigan Drops IndyCar Engine In Honda Ridgeline In New Video

SEMA 2022 / Comments

The IndyCar-powered Ridgeline has already been revealed, but the build process is still fascinating to watch.

We've been fascinated with Hoonigan's latest YouTube series, which documents the incredible Honda Ridgeline project the team has embarked upon. The finished product may have already been revealed at SEMA 2022, but the latest video details the final stages of the process, like fitting the IndyCar engine and experimenting with the vehicle's design.

It may look like it's far from complete in the video, but things start to take shape as the front subframe is integrated. The fitment allows the team to join up the suspension parts - sourced from an Acura NSX - and the final result is rather impressive.

Honda's design team visits Hoonigan to explore potential designs. The team, thankfully, has secured a bevy of 2023 Ridgeline HPD parts to give their 2017 model a fresher look. The front fascia bolts on with minimal fuss, and the truck soon looks recognizable again.

Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube

An early rendering finally lets us see the original vision. From the front, it appears to be a regular Ridgeline. But the rear is all IndyCar. "Half of it is IndyCar, the other half [is] a little bit stock. It's still a truck," says Suppy Wejpanich. From the side, you'll note a porthole of sorts in the rear fender. This was done so that the engine and turbos could be seen from multiple angles.

As you can see from the image below, the final product stays true to the design and looks incredible in the metal. The 700-horsepower IndyCar engine is the jewel in this stunning crown and is constantly on display thanks to its unique design. Slammed to within an inch of its life, the yellow-painted IndyTruck looks better than we ever imagined. A particularly cool feature is the taillights embedded within the massive rear wing.

thehoonigans/Instagram Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube

The crew heads to Honda Performance Development (HPD) to collect the real IndyCar engine. If you haven't followed the series, fitting a 700-horsepower powerplant from a race car posed several challenges, one being that the mill serves as a stress member. Thankfully, the team found a way around those issues, and now it's time to fit the real motor.

With help from HPD's engineers, the engine is quickly assembled and is soon ready to be fitted to the IndyTruck. "We had a great team today, all the Honda guys came out [and] nailed it. They got all the parts from the mockup engine, put it on the real engine, and got it done in a day."

We can expect another video documenting the design process to debut soon. If you're into custom builds and haven't checked this series out, we urge you to do so. It's a genuinely fascinating affair.

Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube

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