Hooning A BMW M2 During A Quiet London Morning Is Pure Hooligan Fun

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Because when was the last time following all the rules yielded the best time?

Gearheads growing up on a healthy diet of Steve McQueen's Bullit or Jason Bourne's disruptive car chases yearn for a day when our stockpile of imagined getaway scenarios become reality and we're granted a legal and moral pass to hoon the streets like madmen. Maybe it's the hunter gatherer genes stashed away inside of us and allowed to ferment under the conveniences of modern society that draws out this primal need when the opportunity arises.

YouTuber Joe Achilles seems be one of these types and he lets his wild side out on the streets of London with a BMW M2. Thanks to a bold right foot and the excellent sounding exhaust of the M2's 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six, we get an epic view of Achilles and his little Bimmer making a commute around London more adventure than chore.

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It's a lovely contrast to see the peaceful city and hear chirping birds with the M2's burbling exhaust and adventure-seeking driver as the antithesis to all that is calm. While unintentional, Achilles' stampede around the city gives us a business idea to take away, that of conducting supercar tours around major cities. Not every metropolitan area is as forgiving as London is during the early morning hours, but those that are could use a healthy dose of loud exhausts, exhilarating power, and stunning looks as an alternative to warm caffeinated beverages. Some people like brisk jogs or hot yoga sessions in the morning, but we'd prefer warm rubber and the smell of burnt high-octane fuel in place of that.

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