Hooning This 800 HP Turbo Rotary Mazda RX-7 Will Make You Wish It Was Yours

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Oh yeah, and it runs on methanol.

Leave it to the Australians to make an old Mazda rotary just a tad more insane. And, for the record, we've always been huge Mazda fans, so if there's any bias here, it's definitely on purpose. With that straightened out, we've pretty much completely fallen for this Australian market third gen RX-7 (without question one of the most beautiful Japanese sports cars ever). But this is no ordinary RX-7 FD, and that's why you're going to love it even more.

This one has been modified with a number of things, but the result is a total of 800 hp and it runs on methanol fuel. It sounds totally nuts as it's being hooned around the track.

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