Lia Block Will Pilot Hoonipigasus At 2023 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb

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It's a fitting tribute.

Lia Block, daughter of the dearly departed Ken Block, will drive the insane Hoonipigasus in a tribute run at the 2023 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. The last time we were fortunate enough to be in the presence of Ken Block was when the insane one-of-a-kind mid-engine Porsche 911-based was revealed to the world.

Unfortunately, the Hoonipigasus ran into reliability problems on its first attempt to race at Pikes Peak. Unfortunately, Ken Block passed away before he could take a second run at the hillclimb.

The next Pikes Peak International Hillclimb takes place in June, and we're guessing many tears will be shed as Lia hoons the Hoonipigasus up the hill.

CarBuzz/Ian Wright
CarBuzz/Ian Wright

Block won't be competing, however. In the Instagram post announcing the tribute run, Lia revealed that she needed more experience before confidently racing up that hill.

Practice and confidence are certainly needed, as the Hoonipigasus is a 1,400-horsepower all-wheel-drive weapon of a car built explicitly around Ken Block's driving style. In short, Hoonipigasus was built to oversteer like a boss. It's a magnificent feat of engineering, and Hoonigan's deep-dive video exploring the intricacies of the vehicles is well worth a watch.

CarBuzz/Ian Wright
CarBuzz/Ian Wright

We do not doubt that the enthusiast and racing world will be rooting for Lia to race the Hoonipigasus at some point. She's clearly inherited her dad's enthusiasm for outlandish cars and precision driving.

The tribute run will be a bittersweet event as Block's life was cut short by a snowmobile accident. He was just 55 years old and a beloved member of the automotive community, and one of, if not the best and most innovative precision driver in the world.

The Hoonipigasus will be on display at the Air/Water event, on Sunday, April 30, following the Luft 9 event on Saturday, with both being part of Luftgekuhlt weekend in Vallejo, CA.

CarBuzz/Ian Wright
CarBuzz/Ian Wright

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