Hopefully Now America Will Make Using Your Phone While Driving Illegal

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Having a good infotainment system will be more important than ever.

Distracted driving has become a very serious issue with the advent of cell phones. That is why technologies such as bluetooth handsfree calling have come in to help make it safer to use a phone while driving. Drivers still engage in dangerous activities like texting and driving, which is why many cities in the US have made it against the law to use a phone in the car. Bans against using a phone in the US are far from widespread, but that may change in the future. Cnet reports that France has decided to make it illegal to use a handheld phone in the car.

France has decided to be pretty strict on the issue as well. Motorists in France won't even be able to pull over and start using their phone until they find a designated place to park. Apparently, there are a few exceptions to the rule. For example, if the car is broken down motorists will be allowed to use their phone to call for help. Anyone who violates the rule on using their phone will be subjected to a 135 euro fine (around $167), plus three points on their record. We can add this new rule to France's already strict driving laws. We saw how annoying driving in France can be when Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were actually banned from driving in the country for speeding.

Now more than ever it will be important for French motorists to have good infotainment systems that can make calls, use voice command and read text messages aloud. We highly suggest getting a car that has Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or both. In 2018, we think that it has pretty much become unacceptable for an automaker to not offer both of these systems as standard. Toyota was one of the last holdouts, but recently announced that the new Avalon will have Apple CarPlay.


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