Horacio Pagani Adds Porsche 911 R and Ferrari F12 TDF To His Collection


The supercar mogul's taste in cars is truly fantastic.

Pagani is perhaps the most special automaker in the world right now, with the brand's supercars, such as the Zonda and Huayra, among the most exclusive objects in the world. Company founder Horacio Pagani may build one of the best hypercars around, but that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate the work of his competitors. In fact, Mr. Pagani actually has an amazing collection of vehicles including a Ford GT, Porsche Carrera GT, and even an MSO McLaren P1 that he was seen driving.

Now, Mr. Pagani has added two new cars to his amazing collection. Porsche offered 918 owners the chance to buy one of the 991 911 R models, and Mr. Pagani took advantage of the offer. Thanks to Magazín ProDriver CZ, we can see Mr. Pagani take delivery of his white 911 R. The car has red stripes, just like the show model that debuted at Geneva last year. The 911 R wasn't the only rare car that Pagani ordered. On the same day, ProDriver CZ also posted photos of an F12tdf that was ordered by Pagani. The Ferrari is painted in a burgundy red with a white stripe and gold wheels. We recently had the chance to drive a one-off that was based on the TDF, and we know how amazing the car can be.

The F12tdf was ordered with the Ferrari Taylor Made Specialists and bears a custom plaque with Horacio Pagani's name. Mr. Pagani doesn't like to just order a car as it comes from the dealership, so many of his cars have some very unique touches. The addition of the F12tdf and 911 R definitely fit the man's amazing style.

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