Horacio Pagani Enjoys Monaco as Much as the Next Supercar Owner

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He is driving a Huayra after-all.

The internet is abound with videos featuring supercar owners slowly parading their pride and joys in the heart of the the exotic car spotting Mecca known as Monaco. A bit more rare is the video of a supercar being driven on streets of Monaco by the guy who's name is on the badge. Then again, Horacio Pagani is the rarest of supercar builders. Attending the Top Marques 2014, Mr. Pagani took some down time to pilot a Huayra along the streets that many of his customers drive.

Being the down-to-earth kind of guy that he is, he was even willing to crawl along with the Huayra's windows down, allowing the local spotters to approach him and share a few smiles.

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