Horacio Pagani Spotted In McLaren P1 MSO

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What a life this man has.

Horacio Pagani has created vehicles unlike anything else produced. But that doesn't mean he can't enjoy the fruits of his competitor's labor. Especially when the fruit is as sweet as the McLaren P1. But this is no regular P1, but rather one that has received special treatment by McLaren Special Operations (MSO). We aren't totally sure what Horacio was doing with the vehicle, but it is safe to assume that he wanted a little hands on experience with the competition, which is thought to be the only registered P1 in Italy.

Pagani is supposedly working on a new special edition Huayra, expected to be dubbed the Nurburgring edition. Perhaps time with the P1 gave him a few ideas for his latest project. Details are limited but we can expect production to be limited to 10-25 units, with the car being lighter, and power increased from the current 700 hp. While the Huayra is arguably one of the most most beautiful cars ever created, the P1 isn't far behind. And its always nice to see a little friendly competition.

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