Horacio Pagani: Supercar Designer, Engineer Genius

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Is Horacio Pagani and ego maniac like Enzo Ferrari or a renaissance man on par with Leonardo Da Vinci?

Horacio Pagani's passion for cars and motorsport began a very young age, but he didn't wait until adulthood to begin designing cars. The young Pagani designed and built his own car models and then proudly showed them off to his friends, and at the same time dreamed of revealing his creations at global motor shows. Unlike countless others, Pagani followed through on his boyhood passion by moving from his native Argentina to Modena, Italy to work for Lamborghini. Years later he started his own company and the rest is history.

But what's the man himself like? This 30-minute interview with Pagani himself comes courtesy from the crew at XCAR, and it's a wonderful sit down with one of the greatest minds in the car business today. After all, he did design and dream up the Zonda and Huayra.

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