Horacio Pagani Tells His Story of Supercar Love

The man behind the Zonda and Huayra is truly one-of-a-kind.

Horacio Pagani is a man who came from humble beginnings. From an early age in his native Argentina, Pagani had a fascination with cars, the arts, as well as science. But it wasn’t until he was introduced to the words and works of Leonardo Da Vinci that he truly discovered his passion and call in life. Da Vinci stated over 500 years ago that "Art and science can walk together hand in hand."

With those words of wisdom, Pagani knew what he wanted to do in life: create supercars. From his early days at Lamborghini (where he built a carbon fiber Countach) to starting his own firm in the 1990s, Pagani the man has come a long way, and his greatest creations are called Zonda and Huayra. Hear his story from the man himself.

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