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Horacio Pagani Took This Guy For a Ride in His Zonda

Yes, a ride in a Pagani with Pagani.

It was the first car ever to be built in full carbon fiber. That was back in 1999. Since then, the Pagani Zonda has earned its rightful legendary place amongst the world’s very finest hypercars. From its handbuilt craftsmanship to its AMG-built V12, the Zonda is nothing short of breathtaking brilliance. And it makes perfect sense for its creator, Horacio Pagani, to be the proud owner of one as well.

Pagani’s personal Zonda S 7.3 happens to be the sixth Zonda ever built. And the host of XCAR was beyond lucky enough to be invited to take it for a spin with Mr. Pagani himself. Although his English isn’t 100 percent, Pagani still fully understands his guest’s sheer excitement. If only we could all be as lucky as this guy.

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