Horrific Crash Photos Prove Just How Safe The BMW i8 Really Is

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Remarkably no one was seriously injured here.

Step aside Volvo, there's a new kid in town riding the train to the safety Olympics. The mother of a teenager posted on bimmerfest.com the harrowing story of how her son walked away from a horrific crash involving an i8, a passenger and an "unfamiliar, dark country road," according to the mother. "Neither drugs nor alcohol were involved," she said. Looking at the photos the crash was clearly insane. The driver went through a gate and because the deployed airbags blocked the driver's view he missed the upcoming turn.

He then steered off of an embankment, causing the car to flip over. "BMW assist was talking to him immediately after the airbags deployed," the mother said. "They alerted EMS exactly to where the car was, in a very rural, unmarked area, they alerted my husband and me, and within minutes the stabilization of the car and the passengers had begun." The passenger was uninjured and walked away from the accident, while the driver suffered from two compression fractures resulting in a concussion. Despite that, he was still coherent. "EMS personnel were talking among themselves when I arrived," she said. "They were amazed that the passenger had gotten out by himself and walked away, and that the driver was alert and talking."

All this is building to what the i8 has to offer in terms of safety. "The insurance investigator and the EMS scene supervisor both called multiple times," she said. "(they said) they had never seen anything like the stress-absorbing features of the carbon fiber structure, and that the stabilization of the battery and human compartments on impact was amazing," according to the mother. BMW's lightweight technological developments contributed to improving the car's safety. Finally, two years after BMW's engineering team spoke about the carbon fiber structure of the i8 we get to see it in action.

Source Credits: www.bimmerfest.com

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