Horsepower Blitzkrieg: Audi RS5 Vs. Mercedes C63 507

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Two reasons why we're really going to miss naturally aspirated V8s.

The era of the naturally aspirated V8 engine will soon come to an end. Sure, you may see them from time to time in something like a Wiesmann, but mainstream automakers are dropping them faster than they are manual transmissions. Audi, BMW, Mercedes...each one is replacing those old school V8s with twin-turbocharged engines all in the name of improved fuel economy.

But for now, there are still a few naturally aspirated V8 survivors, and two of them are the Audi RS5 and the Mercedes-Benz C63 507. With 957 hp between them, there several differences, such as the all-wheel-drive versus rear-wheel-drive. Watch as Motor Trend gets behind the wheel of each one for one hell of a blitzkrieg head to head.


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