Hot Blonde Russian Babe Fights Gang Of Thugs After They Sit On Roof Of Her Audi TT

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Never judge a babe by her hotness.

These Russian guys were obviously pissed at the driver of this Audi TT for something. As members of the StopHam movement that shames drivers for disobeying traffic rules, we can only assume she had performed some sort of misdemeanor. Their reaction, however, is arguably equally repulsive – sitting on the hood of her well-kept sports car in an attempt to make her stop. After driving with two determined do-gooders on board for a while, she is eventually forced to stop.

Unfortunately for them, she's no shrinking violet and proceeds to karate kick and punch anyone who gets up in her face. A cop turns up, but just hangs around to enjoy the action, and the Audi TT eventually drives off with another annoying activist glued to her hood.

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