Hot Blonde Russian Gives the Citroen DS5 a Unique Test Drive

Unless you understand Russian, this smoking hot Playboy model’s review is good for only one thing.

If you're looking for a technical overview of the Citroen DS5 then you won't find it here. What you will get is a hot, Playboy model from the Ukraine speaking Russian and singing along to the radio.

The gorgeous host of 'Blonde Drive' is Irina Olhovskaya, last seen giving the Maserati GranTurismo the once over in the same high cut one-piece racing suit and black leather driving gloves. Our Slavic fans can enjoy what she has to say about the DS5 as she takes it through a slalom course and describes the interior. The rest of us can simply appreciate the video's aesthetic qualities. As their Facebook page says: "You won't see much of technical specification, but there are many other programs for this. We will show you the sensual test-drives from a Playboy star, testing hot cars. It's unforgettable!"

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