Hot Stuff Coming Through: First Lambo Aventador To Go Up in Flames

This is now becoming disturbingly popular amongst supercars.

It was bound to happen soon or later. And now it finally has. According to a post originally from the Luxury4Play forum, we're looking at the first Lamborghini Aventador to do what the Ferrari 458 Italia did so well: catch on fire. This incident took place yesterday morning in Southern California but the exact cause is still unknown. Fortunately, the driver was ok, but his all-black (now all-charred) Aventador is no more. Like the 458 Italia, the likely cause is overheating.

After a steady stream of 458's began igniting across the globe not long after they first went on sale, Ferrari soon traced the problem to a defect in the bonding adhesive used to attach the head-shield to the rear wheel arch.

Basically, the adhesive dissolved which exposed the wheel arch housing to very high temperatures. Judging by the couple of photos we have of this Aventador, it appears the fire also started in the left rear wheel area. Again, nothing has been confirmed just yet, but we're sure Lamborghini will be paying close attention in case they have to issue a recall similar to the one Ferrari did in the wake of their own fire debacle.

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