Hot Wheels Lamborghini Countach Will Be Super Exclusive

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These tiny replicas are exclusive and made to order.

As car people, it's tough to outgrow Hot Wheels, even the run-of-the-mill diecast models. But Hot Wheels currently makes even better mini replicas. Usually, these are more enthusiast-oriented cars, and not the kid's toys the brand is known for (though you could say HW does both). And with the Lamborghini Aventador now officially dead, we're happy to see the Lambo V12 live on in die-cast form.

This Countach is part of that higher tier. That means more detail, nicer parts, and an overall better fit and finish than the HW you might pick up at Target on a Tuesday night while waiting for your significant other to browse the socks section.

Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Hot Wheels

The wheels are probably the most noticeable part, despite their digital-only status. No, this isn't a Hot Wheels NFT. Hot Wheels just doesn't have images of the real thing yet. Regardless, the wheels are far more detailed than the ones you'd find on a lesser model, as is the badging and lights on the Countach's front end.

You can see the bull on the Lamborghini crest here, and the lights have "housings" that separate them from the "bodywork." Look at the side markers. You wouldn't see that on a lesser Hot Wheels.

The doors even open, because that is essentially a requirement for a Countach in any form. It must also be displayed like that in case you were wondering.

Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels has worked some more dimensionality into the Countach as well. The intakes are cut into the body, and so is the rear decklid. The wiper is even accurate to a Countach, a level of attention to detail that carries on to the interior. The Countach's squared-off dash is visible, and the seats are as accurate as any model this size.

Hot Wheels still wants a relatively small sum of money for these. Only $30. But they'll sell fast. Others have, like the E46 M3 and E30 M3 the brand produced earlier in the year. These cars are also made to order. If you're asking us, this is way better than any of Hot Wheels' NFTs, and it'll cost about a third as much.

Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Hot Wheels Hot Wheels

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